What is needed to make a difference in a persons life? One way, to let someone know you are willing, able and available to help them. Becoming a mentor to someone yearning for help truly shows self sacrifice and it's something an individual will never forget.
       What is another way? Being able to help someone to create their own income, to be self sufficient, to be independent is immeasurable. Entrepreneurship on a global scale is not encouraged, in fact, it's often denounced. But the world economy is something that cannot be relied upon, and to teach someone to take advantage of their personal skills and abilities could help a family for generations.
        Is there a third way to make a difference in a persons life? There are 775 million people in the world that are illiterate. There are 152 million children that will follow in their footsteps because they're not attending school. By definition, this regulates these people to a low quality of life for lack of work, poor working conditions, low wages, little food, etc. This issue affects the entire world both short term and long term. It must be addressed.
       The ELM Society (Entrepreneurship, Literacy, Mentorship) will directly address the needs of all that are searching for help when it comes to these important facets of life. People that don't have access to schools or education. People that aren't able to secure employment regularly. People who do not have any guidance in their lives. The ELM Society will be determined to close the gap that has taken hundreds of years to create. The "goal" will be to shrink that gap every hour, every day, every week, every month and every year until all that truly want to achieve dreams that they have will be able to do so.
To become an involved partner or to make a donation please email baje@thegoalgroupinc.com.