Life Coaching

Baje’s books are general guides to follow. However, you may still have questions regarding your unique situation. Through one-on-one coaching, Baje can offer you her uncensored view and candid advice. In an effort to reach more women, we have devised an affordable price plan. Choose an option and fill out the contact form below.  Email for rates

Email Session

You will receive first priority on Baje’s email list. She will respond to your emails within 24 - 48 hours

Pre-Scheduled Video Chat


Pre-Scheduled Phone Call


All Access Phone Call

24/7 access to Baje’s personal cell
(Valid for a month)

In-Person Coaching (1 hour)

Have a casual in person one-on-one session with Baje. You’ll have a chance to share experiences, clarify your life GOALS and formulate a plan of action.

VIP day (4 hours)

Have a VIP day with Baje! Learn quickly as Baje teaches you hands on techniques. She’ll be there to observe how you interact with others and point out your strengths and weaknesses. You will receive her recommendations on how to improve. (You are allowed to include one other person in your session for moral support or to cut cost).