Why the Goal Group



Baje Fletcher
      At age 18, I began my modeling career. Modeling was not only a lucrative hobby, but also a vehicle that helped open doors that wouldn’t have otherwise opened for me. It afforded me the luxury to travel the world and live a lifestyle that most only dream possible. I worked alongside some of the most successful entertainers and businesspersons in the industry. I credit a great part of my early success to my mentors. They encouraged me to reach for the best within myself, which in turn inspired me to do the same for others.
      My mission is to inspire people, especially women, to reach their full potential. Beyond my motivational speaking, self-help books and life coaching services,  my ultimate GOAL is to inspire a global women’s empowerment movement. The Goal Group, serves as a positive support system for women all over the world. Together, we are a sisterhood. We provide structure and reinforcement. Moreover, we are a network of positive women striving toward one common goal: self-improvement.